The Christmas break is upon us and most schools have closed or are closing this week. Most parents are beginning to wonder what to do with their children over the holidays. Here are a few tips to help .

*Write a list of activities you would like to see your children involved or engaged in. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If you don't plan the holidays, they will fly by and you will wonder what your children did with it.

*Plan the activities around their day, make a time table. If you have a nanny, this will also serve as a guide for them and you won't be wondering what they have done or are doing while you are away.

*Take your children's interests into account when planning the days. Younger children can be involved in activities such as painting, outdoor play with toys under supervision, singing along to carols.

*Make sure reading a book is part of your everyday schedule.

*Plan a trip to Santa/father Christmas if you want.

*There are loads of Christmas activities going on, plan to take your children to one.

Schedule a picnic day with your children and just spend the time to bond and have fun. The beach 'might' be a good place to do this if you have one around you.

*Go see a children movie together or send them to see one under adult supervision.

*Cutting is fun for younger children. Get them lots of paper and children scissors and watch them having fun while cutting.

*If you have not decorated your house and you are inclined to, let them help out. 

These are a few tips, you may share some so we all can learn. Whatever you do, plan and schedule activities for your little ones and do make sure you spend time watering those little flowers (children) growing in the garden of life.

Have a great week.

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