Should you feed an infant pap or cereal?  No,  you should not. .

Milk is the recommended food for babies up to 6 months. Exclusive breastfeeding is best before a child is 6 months.  If you cannot breastfeed exclusively,  give infant milk and nothing else. Infants get all the nutrients and calories they need from milk. .

The digestive system of an infant is not ready for solids. Babies also need good neck and head control to be able to take solids.  They must also be able to sit in a *highchair* comfortably.  Definitely a 3 month old cannot do this. .

The earliest time a child should be offered any food aside milk is 4 months old. Babies who take solids before 4 months are at risk of being obese. .

Don't bow to pressure and be told that your infant is too skinny so you need to supplement or that your baby is not getting enough.  So long as you are feeding routinely,  the baby is fine. Also note that not every baby will be chubby,  so you are not doing anything wrong if you have a healthy slim baby.

A child must be at least double their birth weight aside being 4 months old and must be showing an interest in food for you to know they are ready for solids. Don't just shove food down an infant's throat. .

When you start with the solids,  give after breastfeeding or a milk feed.  Don't replace milk with solids for a baby. Also avoid giving fruit juices to infants, it is of no use to them.

Is your baby ready for solids?  Order a *highchair* from us.

When should you introduce solids to your infant? 

Should babies take pap or cereal?

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